Official Documentation for JoshuaLovesCode's UltraStaffChatPro.

Install & Setup

To install and setup UltraStaffChatPro:


  • Download the plugin from the Official Plugin Page

  • Add the plugin to your Proxy's /plugins/ folder.

  • Type the end command in your Proxy's console

  • Start the Proxy again.

  • Go to the /plugins/ folder and locate the UltraStaffChat folder. Then open the config.yml file.

  • Change everything to your liking and save the file.

  • Run the /usc reload command In-game. (This will reload the configuration file.)

  • Done! Have any questions? Check the FAQ at the bottom of this page or join the Official Support Discord!


  • Coming soon. UltraStaffChatPro currently only supports Bungeecord.

Commands & Default Permissions

<> Required | () Not required



Default Permission


/staffchat <msg>



/sc <msg>


















/usc (reload/debug)


/usc reload

/usc reload


/usc debug

/usc debug


If you think any other command/placeholder/feature should be added, Please suggest it in my Discord!

Main Configuration File

* Will be added soon *

Message Configuration File

* Will be added soon *

Make sure to use a program like NotePad++ to edit the configuration files!

Terms of Use

By using UltraStaffChatPro you agree to the following:

  • You must not decompile the plugin.

  • You must not use any form of code from the plugin.

  • You must not redistribute the plugin.

  • You must not claim this plugin as your own.

  • You must not remove the credit command from this plugin.

  • You must not remove/edit any code from the plugin.

  • You must not block the credit command with another plugin.

Note: I (Joshua Sing) reserve the right to change the terms of use of this plugin at anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of questions I get often with their answers. If you're question isn't here please ask us in the Official Support Discord!

I keep getting the No Permission message even though I have the Permissions.

Make sure you using a permission plugin such as LuckPerms that has Bungeecord support.

Make sure that all the permissions are correct.

If you have changed the permissions in your Config file make sure that you are giving those permissions and not the default ones.

Will add more questions soon.